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What is WarrenVotes.com?

This is the latest application in Warren County’s effort to provide real-time election results to the public on election night. Previous iterations were provided very generously by Bill Gallagher at Insight Technologies (the main IT provider for Warren County, PA). Bill has done an amazing job in the past providing a cutting edge solution to the county (as a donation). Warren County is one of very few counties that provides real time election-return information as the numbers are called in to the courthouse. Mr. Gallagher put Warren County on the map for election results coverage and we’d like to thank him publicly. We are very grateful to him. Thanks Bill!

In an effort to give Bill a much needed break after years of volunteer service we’ve created this replacement application (at no cost to the county) which will hopefully serve the community well on election night. This functions much the same way the old app did. We’ve tried to make this as user friendly as possible.

If you have a problem with election information or problems at the polls call Lisa Rivett at (814) 728-3406 or email her at lzuck@warren-county.net. If you’re having an issue using this app, call Commissioner Jeff Eggleston at 814-706-8343 and leave a message, or email him at jeff.eggleston@warren-county.net.

Thank you for your continuing support and remember to vote on Tuesday, April 26th!


The Warren County Commissioners

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