2017 General Election

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Voting results appear in real time starting at 8:30pm on election night. Absentee Ballots are not included in election night numbers.

Pittsfield Twp Tax Collector

Marlene Byler
Total: 0
Bear Lake Borough
Brokenstraw Township
Cherry Grove Township
Clarendon Borough
Columbus Township
Conewango 1 Township
Conewango 2 Township
Deerfield Township
Eldred Township
Elk Township
Farmington Township
Freehold Township
Glade Township
Limestone Township
Mead Township
Pine Grove Township
Pittsfield Township
Pleasant Township
Sheffield Township
Southwest Township
Spring Creek Township
Sugar Grove Borough
Sugar Grove Township
Tidioute Borough
Triumph Township
Warren Central
Warren East
Warren North
Warren South
Warren Southeast
Warren West
Watson Township
Youngsville Borough
Total: 0