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Voting results have been delayed due to the use of paper ballots.
It is difficult to say when up-to-date numbers will be posted this evening.
Absentee Ballots and write-in votes are not included in election night numbers posted here.
Thank you for your patience as we scan all ballots.

Judge of the Superior Court

Amanda Green-Hawkins
Daniel D McCaffery
Megan McCarthy King
Christylee Peck
Total: 2409
Bear Lake Borough552420
Brokenstraw Township94103239210
Cherry Grove Township863131
Clarendon Borough17175350
Columbus Township97104227202
Conewango 1 Township155154220212
Conewango 2 Township7582188184
Deerfield Township25265757
Eldred Township18217873
Elk Township3534116107
Farmington Township5855206184
Freehold Township5158204197
Glade Township125126336318
Limestone Township34375756
Mead Township8283161142
Pine Grove Township192179395378
Pittsfield Township5658157140
Pleasant Township167163317297
Sheffield Township106120247229
Southwest Township17186459
Spring Creek Township3930134127
Sugar Grove Borough383710098
Sugar Grove Township6262196189
Tidioute Borough43439291
Triumph Township11144644
Warren Central9710010395
Warren East158165254249
Warren North113114200179
Warren South49509990
Warren Southeast165160228206
Warren West98103153150
Watson Township24283938
Youngsville Borough95101229214
Total: 2409