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Voting results have been delayed due to the use of paper ballots.
It is difficult to say when up-to-date numbers will be posted this evening.
Absentee Ballots and write-in votes are not included in election night numbers posted here.
Thank you for your patience as we scan all ballots.


Kenneth L Klakamp
Total: 7731
Bear Lake Borough30
Brokenstraw Township331
Cherry Grove Township41
Clarendon Borough71
Columbus Township316
Conewango 1 Township374
Conewango 2 Township267
Deerfield Township85
Eldred Township91
Elk Township143
Farmington Township272
Freehold Township280
Glade Township480
Limestone Township96
Mead Township253
Pine Grove Township598
Pittsfield Township207
Pleasant Township481
Sheffield Township358
Southwest Township80
Spring Creek Township166
Sugar Grove Borough144
Sugar Grove Township261
Tidioute Borough141
Triumph Township62
Warren Central198
Warren East420
Warren North306
Warren South139
Warren Southeast398
Warren West246
Watson Township65
Youngsville Borough331
Total: 7731