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Voting results have been delayed due to the use of paper ballots.
It is difficult to say when up-to-date numbers will be posted this evening.
Absentee Ballots and write-in votes are not included in election night numbers posted here.
Thank you for your patience as we scan all ballots.

Retention Judge of the Court of Common Pleas Gregory J Hammond

Total: 6656
Bear Lake Borough292
Brokenstraw Township27644
Cherry Grove Township296
Clarendon Borough597
Columbus Township23255
Conewango 1 Township33844
Conewango 2 Township21938
Deerfield Township709
Eldred Township6718
Elk Township13413
Farmington Township22131
Freehold Township24130
Glade Township42250
Limestone Township6726
Mead Township21631
Pine Grove Township54857
Pittsfield Township16540
Pleasant Township44270
Sheffield Township29853
Southwest Township5815
Spring Creek Township11924
Sugar Grove Borough11122
Sugar Grove Township20633
Tidioute Borough11722
Triumph Township4316
Warren Central18521
Warren East36851
Warren North29722
Warren South12417
Warren Southeast37035
Warren West22522
Watson Township5017
Youngsville Borough31030
Total: 6656